Why You Should Test For ADHD

Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity or ADHD affects 4.4% of American adults. Many live with ADHD undetected because they attribute its symptoms as a character flaw rather than as consequences of the condition. These symptoms include being impulsive, poor time management skills, lack of organization, mood swings, and an inability to manage stress.


The Reality Of Living With ADHD

One reason why people with ADHD refuse to be tested is the stigma that is associated with the disorder. They believe that if people found out they had it, they would be branded as lazy, stupid or crazy.

However, if you do get tested and it was confirmed you have the problem, then you should look at it in another way: “You Mean I’m Not Lazy, Stupid, or Crazy?” which is a popular book on ADHD.

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Here are the facts:

• Its is a real disorder that can and will affect your quality of life.
• ADHD is real – it is not a scam or a marketing gimmick perpetrated by the billion dollar pharmaceutical industry.
• The condition has been proven by numerous scientific studies as a very real condition.

If you have ADHD and are not aware of it, then the symptoms that you exhibit will persist. It will have repercussions on your life and career. Unless you have yourself tested, your daily struggles in the household, at work, and in society will continue.

The Benefits Of ADHD Testing

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Knowing that you have ADHD will set you on the right path for redemption through proper treatment protocols. That is why if you suspect you have ADHD, you should get yourself tested.

You should not even attempt to self-diagnose ADHD. The disorder manifests differently according to the individual. When treating ADHD, experts do not take a “one-size-fits-all” approach.

Proper diagnosis, analysis of the symptoms and their underlying conditions are absolutely essential for the doctors to prescribe the appropriate courses of action.

A common misconception about ADHD treatment is that the person will spend a lifetime popping pills. In some cases, medication may not be the most effective solution. There have been instances when a person who has been diagnosed with ADHD has refused medication to be part of the treatment protocol.

The ADDA: First Line Of Defense Vs ADHD

The first step is always to get tested. And with the American Deficit Disorder Association (ADDA) at work to stay ahead of ADHD, you can be assured of getting the right treatment for your condition.

In the first place, ADDA opens up a treasure trove of possible treatment protocols outside conventional medicine. These treatment protocols include the use of CBT, coaching, exercise, therapy sessions, and following a science-based diet.

Take The WHO Test

If you want to find out if you are currently at risk of having ADHD, take the WHO test. The World Health Organization or WHO has created the ASRS or Adult Self-Report Scale (ASRS) screener which will determine if you have manifested symptoms or signs of ADHD for adults.

The ASRS consists of only 6 questions. Your answers to these questions will be ranked from 0 – 4. A result whereby you ranked 4 out of the 6 questions significantly is an indicator that you may have the disorder and should seek a professional diagnosis.

Once you have decided to seek proper medical consultation, bring a copy of the WHO screen test results to help with the evaluation.

Get Professional Help For ADHD

Keep in mind that a proper diagnosis can only be arrived at with comprehensive testing. The WHO test will just screen for symptoms but should not be used to confirm the existence of the condition.

Make sure that the medical professional is certified or properly trained in treating ADHD. Likewise, the person should have experience working with patients who have ADHD.

Sometimes the existence and origin of the symptoms could be misleading. A trained and experienced professional will have the ability to weed out the improbabilities so that a diagnosis can be arrived at with utmost certainty.

When looking for someone to evaluate your condition, look for psychiatrists, psychologists, behavioural therapists, and perhaps some general practitioners who have undergone training specific to the treatment of ADHD.

Take The Test Now

You can download the ADHD screen test by clicking this link. It will be in a PDF file which means you need Adobe Reader to open and download the test. If you don’t have Adobe Reader, click this link.